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Sacramento Class Schedule

We work on a first come first served basis, so there is no need to sign up for classes! 

We suggest arriving 5-10 minutes early because classes can fill up. 

Be sure to wear shorts and DO NOT apply any lotion or oils on the day of class.

We look forward to having you!!

MONDAY (w/Courtney)

5:45pm Level 1

6:45pm Level 4

7:45pm Open 

TUESDAY (w/Courtney)

5:45pm Level 2

6:45pm Level 3

7:45pm Level 1


4:45pm Level 1 Choreography

5:45pm Level 2

6:45 pm Level 1

THURSDAY (w/Carolyn)

5:45pm Level 1

6:45pm Level 3

FRIDAY (w/Chelsea)

5:45pm Level 2 Choreography

6:45pm Level 1 Choreography

7:45pm Level 1

SATURDAY (w/Carolyn)

10:00am Level 1

11:00am Open

SUNDAY (w/Chelsea)

10:00am Level 2

11:00am Level 3



Things to know before attending class:

NOTHING! This is the perfect place to start. This class requires absolutely no background in any type of dance or aerial apparatus.

What will you learn:

Here you will learn the basic beginner grips and spins. During this class, you will condition new ways to move your body on the floor and also on both static and spin pole. Basic climbing techniques will be taught, along with small exercises to build strength for climbs. No inverts, aerial transitions, shoulder stands or handstands will be permitted in this class.

Level 1 Choreography:

Things to know  before attending this class:

This class requires a base understanding of most level 1 spins and movements. Here you must be comfortable with the idea of combos and learning a routine at a beginners level

What you will learn:

This class offers you the experience of putting together everything you've learned in your level 1 classes. You will learn more about music and timing, fluidity and transitions between your movements. No inverts, aerial transitions between your movements. No inverts, aerial transitions, shoulder mounts or handstands will be permitted in this class.

 Level 2:

Things to know before attending this class:

Must be familiar with all beginner spins. Can comfortably climb at least half way up the pole and is ready to condition their body for inversions and leg hangs.

What will learn:

Time to go upside down! Along with more climbing techniques you will know begin conditioning for inverts and more diffiult poses. Every move maintains at least three points of contact with the pole at all times. You will now be incorporating  harder floor work such as shoulder stands, headstands and handstands against the pole. No  aerial inverts, shoulder mounts or handsprings will be permitted in this class.

Level 2 Choreography

Things to know before attending class:

This class requires a base understanding of most level 2 tricks and spins. Here you must be comfortable with inverting from the ground, both basic and side climbs as well as headstands.

What you will learn:

This class offers you the experience of putting together everything you"ve learned in your level 2 classes! Here you will learn more challenging ways to create a routine. You will utilize more climbs and aerial transitions. Expect floor work to be more intricate and detailed than before. No aerial inverts, shoulder mounts or handsprings will be permitted in this class.

Level 3:

Things to know before attending this class:

To attendf this class you must be able to cleanly execute and invert from the ground, comfortably enter leg hang and climb the pole with correct form.

What you will learn:

Here we will focus on taking all of our combos a little higher up. Inverts will now be trained aerially and you will begin learning longer combos with more poses and transitions. Shoulder mounts as well as other new ways to invert will be introduced. All moves maintain no less than three points of contact with the pole.

Level 4

Things to know before attending this class:

Must be able to clearly execute an aerial invert, shoulder mount from the ground and feel comfortable performing aerial combos on spin.

What you will learn:

The sky is the limit in this class! During level 4 we will explore all the possibilities of advanced pole work. Handsprings, flips and other challenging poses will be taught. All aspects of pole will be experienced in this level.


Must have attended at least on instructed  class. Open is your time to independently work on anything you have learned in class without instruction. Enjoy music and free time to practice what you please. Instructor will be present for help and questions during this class.

Old Schedule and descriptions

MONDAY (w/Courtney)

5:45 pm  Beginner

6:45 pm  Advanced

7:45 pm  Open Pole

TUESDAY (w/Courtney)

5:45 pm  Intro to Intermediate

6:45 pm  Intermediate

7:45 pm Beginner


5:45 pm  Beginner

6:45 pm  Exotic Dance

THURSDAY (w/Carolyn))

5:45 pm  Intro to Intermediate

6:45 pm  Tricks & Transitions

FRIDAY (w/Chelsea)

5:45 pm  Exotic Dance

6:45 pm  Beginner

SATURDAY (w/Carolyn)

10:00 am Beginner

11:00 am Intermediate


Various  -  Special Workshops and Events TBA


Time to learn and master the basic moves of pole dancing! In this class you will familiarize yourself with the pole and learn different spins, tricks and how to climb. This class is designed for new students with little or no experience.

Intro to Intermediate:
This class is designed for students who can execute most beginner level tricks and climbs. You will learn exciting new ways to climb the pole, how to invert and how to do inside/outside leg hangs.

Ready to go upside down?! We know you can do it! In this class you will start the next chapter of pole fitness. You will learn new ways to hold, swing and lift your body resulting in a significant increase of overall strength. We will break down how to safely invert and teach you a whole new set of tricks that you will master. If you have an interest in reaching this level don't hesitate to come try the class! We can always tailor any move to meet a students individual needs. We recommend that you master climbing and most of the combos taught in Tricks & Transitions to ensure you get the most out of your class.

In this class it is highly suggested that you are comfortable inverting and shoulder mounting from the ground! Learn how to perform and perfect aerial inverts, handsprings shoulder mounts or similar on both static and spin!

Open Pole:
You pick the lesson plan! Open pole is a perfect time to work on YOUR favorite tricks and spins, or get some one-on-one help from your instructor. There is no planned curriculum in open pole so anything goes! 

Tricks & Transitions:

This is a great class to transition into once you have familiarized yourself with the curriculum taught in Beginner.  You will learn new combo's each week that incorporate Beginner level tricks and spins with different climbs and pirouettes. This is also a great class to work on your flow! 

*** This class requires you take 6 Beginner classes at our studio OR have instructor approval ***

Each week you will learn a new routine incorporating climbs, pole tricks, floorwork and dance elements. Please bring socks and knee pads!!!

Want to experience the artistic, sensual side of pole dancing? This class is for you! The focus will be on learning a short choreographed routine that incorporates the tricks, spins, and climbs taught in Beginner.  Each week we will break down a new Beginner level routine that ranges from sultry to contemporary. This class will help tremendously with fluidity and the ability to freestyle. It is essential that you are capable of executing the majority of pirouettes, spins and climbs taught in Beginner.

Ready to train like a beast? Strong is the new skinny! This class is perfect for everyone wanting to gain strength, especially the impatient pole dancer that wants to see results immediately. Using the pole you will do various strength training exercises using your body weight. Dedicate yourself to this class and you are guaranteed the results you want!  With our uniquely designed curriculum this class is ideal for all levels of fitness! Get ready to sweat!

Fierce Flexibility:
Looking to increase your flexibility? Is it finally time to get your splits?! Then this is the class for you! In this class we help you develop the flexibility needed for those crazy pole tricks. We will work on overall flexibility with an emphasis on your splits and your back. All levels welcome!

Exotic Flow:
Embrace the sensual side of pole dancing! Bring your favorite pair of heels and get ready for some heat!  In this class you will learn floorwork, legwork, body rolls, and heel clacks! You will be spending time on the floor so we recommend bringing high socks, leggings  and/or knee pads!