Epic Pole Fitness

"The Fun Fitness"


Why Pole Dance Fitness?

Pole Fitness is a Fun way to burn calories, build muscle and tone your body. It is an amazing way to strengthen your core while dancing to your favorite music!

Why should I choose Epic Pole Fitness?

Simply stated, we are the Best! Our Facility and instruction is second to none.  One visit and you will agree! 

Who does Pole Fitness?

At Epic Pole Fitness we have an awesome mix of clients from teens to seniors of all shapes and sizes. We find that our clients are looking for a source of fitness that does not feel like a boot camp! That’s why we call it “the fun fitness”!

I’m worried I’ll feel awkward in class?

You’re not alone! We think that’s a common concern. But don’t be! You will find a very eclectic group of students who are supportive and encouraging. In my years of experience in pole dancing I have experienced what I feel is the most amazing group of participants you could hope for.

Do I have to be 18 years old to participate?

No! But if you are not of legal age (18) you will have to bring a parent or legal guardian to sign the waiver with you!

I’m not sure if I will be able to do this?

Pole Dance Fitness is for everyone! If you have the desire and are willing to put forth the effort we will teach you this amazing activity!

Where are the classes?

We hold local classes at our amazing studio's located in Victorian Square near the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks Nevada and The Elkhorn Plaza Shopping Center at 5445 Diablo Dr. Sacramento CA. You will find our facility's second to none! The photos that you see on our website are actual photos of our dance studio's! You are welcome to visit our facility's to see for yourself!

What is your studio like?

Glad you ask! We believe that our studio is second to none. After acquiring the building located in Nevada in 2013 we completely renovated both the inside and out! The atmosphere is very spa like with 16’ ceiling in the main studio. On the mezzanine you will find our Boutique with hundreds of items to pick from. You will find our studio to be bright, clean and inviting with perfectly tuned dance poles! During each class you will enjoy an amazing audio and lighting system that will enhance your experience! Epic Pole Fitness has 9 static and spinning dance poles that are approximately 12 feet in height. In addition we also have portable stages for use in special events. In 2016 we acquired our second location in Sacramento and again renovated the interior much like our Nevada location with 10 static and spinning dance poles.

Where can we park?

We are lucky to have a 4 tier free public parking garage adjacent to our studio in Nevada. You can enter the parking facility on 10th street just next to our studio! Our Sacramento location has ample free parking located in front of our studio off of Diablo Dr!

How do I sign up?

You can purchase your Class Passes on our website under the “Pole Gear” tab or at our Studio before any class. You must review and sign a waiver prior to participating. You may review the waiver on our website under the “Questions” tab by then clicking the “Enrollment Policies” tab on that page.

How do I reserve a spot in class?

Classes are held on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis. We find that online booking often leads to vacant poles that otherwise could be used by those who might otherwise be turned away by classes that appear to be full online. Because you are not actually on a pole for the entire class we find that the studio operates well with two students per pole.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, you may purchase gift certificates in $20 increments online in our store or at the studio.

What do I wear?

Skin contact to the pole is essential! We recommend wearing shorts that expose the back of your knees and the inside of your thighs to obtain good skin contact with the poles. You may also wear leggings or similar that can be pulled or rolled up for the same effect. Tanks, tees or a sports bra are suggested as a top allowing you to obtain the same contact with the pole for your arms and upper body. Many dance bare foot but dance shoes are welcome! We suggest strongly that you DO NOT WEAR ANY LOTIONS prior to classes!

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is posted on our website under the “Memberships” tab. We offer $5 off your first class or membership! We think you will find us to be a very affordable and fun fitness alternative.

Do you require EFT (automatic payments) each month?

No! Most service business do but we think that benefits the business more that the client?! So we offer clients who renew on or before their due date a $5 discount toward renewal each month!

What Memberships do you offer?

We have three memberships at Epic Pole Fitness. We offer a Drop in Pass, 4 Class Pass and Unlimited 30 Day Pass. You can find our current pricing on our website under the “Membership” tab. The Drop in Pass is good for a single class. The 4 Class Pass is good for 4 classes with no expiration and saves you 20% verses purchasing 4 drop in passes. Our Unlimited 30 Day Pass allows you to attend any scheduled class for thirty consecutive days from date of purchase. For the person who can come frequently you will find this will offer you a HUGE savings! For multiple classes on the same day we do ask that you allow others to secure their poles first if you have already attended a class on that day.

When are classes?

Our class schedule is available on our website www.epicpolefitness.com under the “Reno Classes” and the "Sacramento Classes" tab or visit our facebook pages at facebook.com/epicpolefitnessreno and facebook.com/epicpolefitnesssacramento as well. It is a good idea to check the class schedule frequently as class types and times can change. You will also find the class descriptions below the class schedule.

Competing in Pole Dance Fitness?

Many of you will find Pole Dance Fitness to be a fun and effective way to get or stay fit! Others will fall in love with the artistry and athleticism that is Pole Dance Fitness. For those there are many Pole Dance Competitions available to demonstrate your mastering of this athletic art. Epic Pole fitness sponsors its own local and international events!

Do you offer Private Lessons?

Yes! If you are looking for one on one instruction or preparing for a competition you will find a private lesson with our world class instructor to be invaluable! Please call 855-515-EPIC or email epicpolefitness@gmail.com for more information. These events will need to be scheduled outside posted class times.

Do you offer Private Events?

Yes! Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties or just a Girls night out. You may book our Studio and Instructor for your special event. Please keep in mind our focus is on fitness and the art of pole dancing. Please call 855-515-EPIC or email epicpolefitness@gmail.com for more information. These events will need to be scheduled outside posted class times.

Do you offer Private Studio Time?

Yes! If you are looking for a studio to practice for that competition or filming your routines we can accommodate you! Please call 855-515-EPIC or email epicpolefitness@gmail.com

Can I video myself?

You are welcome to take pictures or video of yourself at Epic Pole Fitness. We often encourage video for use as a training tool. We do ask that you respect others and not film anyone but yourself without permission.

Where can I buy a Dance Fitness Pole?

Epic Pole Fitness has a variety of Dance Poles available for purchase. Dance Poles typically come in three diameters 40mm, 45mm and 50mm in varying heights. Poles can be one piece or multiple pieces as well as pressure mounted or permanent mount. Poles can be static or spinning or a combination of both. We feel that a one piece, static/spinning, thick walled (.125”) stainless steel pole that allows for semi-permanent mounting with a simple way to switch from static to spin are the best. A 45mm pole is the most common diameter for ease of grip. Poles typically come in four finishes. Chrome Plated, Polished Stainless Steel, Brass and Powder Coated.

What Equipment do I need?

To take classes all you need is desire! Many Students will purchase grip aides that help with contact on the dance pole. We recommend shorts and a tank or tee for maximum contact with the pole. Many dance in bare feet but dance shoes are welcome here!

What is Certification?

Certification in the Pole Dance Community is a regiment of classes to teach you the basic moves/tricks associated with pole dancing. At the completion you are issued a certificate that attests that you have learned those moves. There are also teaching certificates that are issued along those same lines. There is really no definitive body for pole dance fitness to establish a true certificate program. At Epic Pole Fitness we do not subscribe to a certificate program. We feel you will exceed those certificate program requirements in less time saving more money with our aggressive training methods! We allow you to achieve your goals at your own pace be that rapid or over a longer period of time. You will find many of the world’s best pole competitors as well as instructors carry no certificate!

What do you offer in your Boutique?

Our boutique has you covered for all your pole gear! Along with our epic dance poles we offer an amazing selection of Pleaser Platform Dance Shoes, Epic Branded shorts and tops, grip aides and more! You will find our pricing to be more than reasonable!

Are you looking for Instructors?

We are always looking for the BEST to instruct our clients. I will tell you that along with being an amazing poler that candidate has to be an amazing person! We pride ourselves in being extremely upbeat, encouraging and motivational! If this sounds like you please email us at epicpolefitness@gmail.com